Inflatable SUP

iSUPs for every paddling experience

Everything you need to start paddleboarding is included. You just need to find some water. Every iSUPs package deal is inclusive of a range of accessories that compliment your chosen board and ensures you can jump straight into your very own paddling experience.

Inflatable SUPs
Up to 98% of all SUP boards sold are inflatable SUP boards (also called iSUP - inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards). The boards called inflatable SUPs, or iSUPs for short, are not air mattresses. Thanks to an extremely robust, tear-resistant skin (dropstitch process), which becomes rock-hard when pumped up, even rocks and sharp edges of the cover can do little. Most of the sets we offer include all accessories.

Compared to fixed SUP boards, inflatable SUPs are cheaper, easy to transport and store. The scope of delivery of an inflatable SUP board often also includes accessories.

Who are inflatable SUP boards best for?
Inflatable SUPs are the perfect choice for beginners and advanced paddlers who need optimal comfort with as much performance as possible. In recent years, the production methods and materials, as well as manufacturing, have been continuously improved. The new generation of Stand Up Paddle Boards are lighter, rock-hard when inflated and bend only a little. Lighter collisions with objects, rocks or footbridges can usually not harm the robust dropstitch covers. After the use, the air is simply deflated, the board rolled up and stowed in a backpack.

For beginners who do not yet have the necessary accessories, our Shark SUPs and Aqua Marina complete sets are particularly interesting, in which the basic equipment (paddle, leash, air pump and backpack) is already included.
The slightly narrower, inflatable touring SUPs are just right for advanced riders. These boards are a bit longer and narrower, but a bit "wobbly" they offer higher speeds. Nevertheless, the touring boards are easy to transport and store.