Hardshell SUP

Hard shell SUPs / Bamboo SUP / Titan SUP's

Hardshell Sups come in many types and sizes.

Why a hardshell stand up paddling board?

The biggest advantage of a hard shell board is that it can be processed and designed more elaborately than an inflatable sup. This allows more details to be packed into the template. It also slides a little better than an inflatable SUP. Due to its light weight, you can walk a short distance with the Bamboo Sup without any problems. Nevertheless, we recommend a suptrolley for longer journeys.

Stand Up Paddle Boards are designed in different shapes and lengths to optimally fit your needs and body weight. Allround sups are ideal for the whole family, Yoga SUPs are great for relaxing and doing exercises / gymnastics on the water, there are also special stand up paddle boards, e.g. Race SUPs for fast driving, Surf sups for wave riding / surfing or Touring Sup's for supping on rivers, or if you want to go faster. In the product description it is usually easy to see for which areas the SUP is suitable.