SPINERA Blue Sup Weekend

SPINERA Blue SUP Weekend

Everything is getting expensive, flour, pasta, sunflower oil double or triple the price? Not with us!

This weekend only - SPINERA Stand Up Paddle Boards at amazing prices.

We are tired of price dumping on the internet!

1) Do you like going to work without pay?
2) Does your boss keep coming and asking you to work for less money?
3) Do you like it when employees are paid poorly?

Despite the 3 points mentioned, you also have to see where you stay and are therefore forced to buy from platforms that may not pay any or far too little tax in Germany?
Since 1992 we have been selling water sports items in warehouse sales and on most platforms on the Internet - but despite delivery problems since Corona and the Suez blockade and the enormous price increases, also in our water sports sector, prices for Spinera products are being asked this season that are in the range of the purchase price.

Since we pay our employees decently, we are therefore forced to reduce our huge inventory of SPINERA Sups.....

So we start this weekend with a special treat for our customers:
This weekend we are granting the SPINERA Blue SUP Weekend price on all high-quality Spinera Stand Up Paddle Boards in stock.

If you don't buy now, it's your own fault!