Kneeboarding has been going crazy these days and O’Brien has been on the forefront of pushing this sport to new levels. Most of us remember going out as kids and having a blast cruising around the lake on a kneeboard. We’d ride backwards, do surface spins, maybe a small jump here and there. Well things have changed. Now there are guys charging on kneeboards; doing huge jumps, spins, and flips. This isn’t just limited to the boat either. Kneeboarders are cranking into features at cable parks too.

Because of this, O’Brien has developed a wide variety of kneeboards to keep up with everyone’s needs. For an entry-level kneeboard, the roto series gives you the best bang for the buck. They incorporate either molded or retractable fins to provide extra tracking and stability as well as an integrated hook for the handle; making deep water starts significantly easier.

The next step up uses our Feather Core and compression molded construction, for a high performance, lightweight board that will take your boat riding to new levels. For those looking for the ultimate in performance and fun on the water, we’ve got the O’Brien Ion, Enforcer, and SoZo. These boards use a unique sandwich construction that allows the board to flex. This gives the board a snappy, responsive, unique ride that has taken boat and park riding to new heights.

With so much variety in the line, there is definitely an O’Brien kneeboard that will fit your needs.