Banana & Watersled

Banana, Watersled, Multi Rider, Multi-person Inflatables

Here you can find bananas for private and commercial users:
For example Oceanrider, Watersleds and bananas for 2-20 people, Spinera Rocket II for 2 people, banana made of very robust PVC, Spinera Rocket III for 3 people, Spinera Banana for 4 people, Watersled Banana Tube for 3-8 people, Multi Rider Banana Banana for 5, 6 or 8 people. Version with extra long bow (tip). Made of 1100 Dtex PVC, very robust and durable, minimal water resistance, two reinforced pulling points, fuel-saving thanks to ergonomic side chambers, e-Sea Profi bananas for 3-20 people especially for commercial use. 5-layer synthetic fabric from professional inflatable boat construction, UV-resistant, low water resistance, for the toughest demands.