JOBE / J-Star Republic 127 Wakeboard

Item number 270010003-1

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Republic Series JStar wakeboard 127

Size: 127cm
• Unique sharp design allows the rider better and faster control with explosive pop.
• A clean design with soft curves on the rails enables softer landings and makes the board very stable.
• Quadra Glide Fin System: Provides support when you want it and glides when you need it. Very forgiving and good control on the edge.
• Thinner Profile: less weight means more speed and more control.
• 2.6 / 2.7 / 2.8'' rocker - quick and smooth transition on the wave, explosive pop.

Variants for Rocker (127cm):
• Lifted Surf Rail: a softer profile for fast spins, lots of speed and easy jumping.
• Two 1.3'' plastic fins - react quickly and offer a lot of grip on the edge.
• 6'' Insert Setup.

This is a real innovation on the water. With its thinned profile and the wide shape in the middle, the board gives you everything you want. Jump like the professionals or just glide over the water for a lap. Edge hold when you want it and easy jumping off when you need it.

The wide shape with the sharp fins allow controlled edges and an explosive pop. The sharp edges bite hard into the water and help the board sit higher in the water and thereby build up even more speed. Soft landings are achieved with a smooth underwater hull. Edging is very controllable thanks to the cup rails.

Scope of delivery according to availability:
1) Jobe J-Star Republic 127 wakeboard
2) Jobe J-Star Republic 127 wakeboard with neoprene wakeboard bag
3) Jobe J-Star Republic 127 wakeboard with neoprene wakeboard bag and Progress wakeboard DVD

The Wakeboard and Binding which is shown in the Neoprene Wakeboard Bag Image is not included in the scope of delivery, if you buy this item you'll get variation 1) Republik 127 Board with Fins only or variation 2) Republik with Neoprene Wakeboard Bag or variation 3) Republik 127 with Neoprene Wakeboard Bag and Progress DVD.

The guarantee / warranty expires if the board is used on kickers / sliders / ramps and other obstacles!

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