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In our portfolio of tubes you are guaranteed to find the right product for your boat!

Since 1995 we have been offering our customers high quality water sports gear that has been thoroughly tested by experienced water sports enthusiasts and product developers for maximum safety, quality and fun. In our online shop we offer you a large selection of funtubes in different shapes, sizes and colours.

In order to find the optimal water sports product for your requirements, you must first consider the needs of the riders. Who uses the product.... children, adults or both groups? For what purpose is it needed? We carry towables in different sizes, from products for recreational riders to commercial products for water sports stations, which are optimally tailored to your needs. The provides you with inflatable items from A-Z, from 1-person tubes for single riders to commercial multi-person fun tubes for 20 people!

Selection of the product:
Finding a fun tube for your next water adventure is not an easy decision, as the first thing to consider is what size you need. Consider the shape, style, riding position and maneuverability of the item under consideration. If necessary, read reviews on the products on water sports forums and blogs and make sure all the features meet your needs and then buy the tube you want depending on your budget!

Tube Types:
There is a wide range of inflatable items available today in the water sports sector, including e.g. trainer tubes for children and young people, perfect for introducing children to water sports for the first time, traditional "donut-shaped" fun tubes, sofas (lounges) or couch fun tubes for a safe and stable driving experience, as well as deck tubes (flat discs lying low above the water, with or without wings) for fun and action on the water as well as tubes with special shapes such as bananas and multi-person products for the commercial sector with a capacity of up to 20 people.

We will be happy to advise you by email or telephone so that you can find the most suitable product for you!