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Rollerbone Balance Boards 1.0 Packages

Balance trainers are some of the best cross-training products on the market. Cross training with 1.0 balance boards, many athletes in the wakeboard and water ski area know the additional training methods.

RollerBone Balance Boards are great training devices that combine ultimate fun with agility, coordination and balance. They are suitable for all ages and skill levels, both indoors and outdoors. After just a few minutes, the first sense of achievement appears. Ideal as a supplement for all sports in which agility in connection with balance coordination is required.

The 1.0 boards are perfect for surfers, kiters, wakeboarders, skaters, slackliners, snowboarders, skiers, ice skaters as well as climbers, gymnasts and much more. Training with RollerBone Boards is never boring, as there are many different tricks with different levels of difficulty that always present new challenges.

Advanced users will rock and bones ollies, spins, shuvits, grabs, air drops and other tricks. Numerous studies show that repeated training of body balance has a preventive effect in relation to injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as sharpening and sensitizing the senses.

The use of RollerBone products is particularly well suited for prevention and therapy within physiotherapy, because almost all muscle groups are gently addressed and trained. It is also possible to add dumbbells or weight bars, which combine strength and balance training in the best possible way. The special geometry of the board, facing away from the bone, with a slim bridge and a wider outer area enables a safe stand.

Thanks to the innovative construction and good inertia, the board immediately stabilizes itself again during tricks and turns. The pros will also appreciate the flex in the central area!

Dimensions of the board approx. Length 74cm x width 41.5cm x height 3cm

You can find tutorials and more information in the quick start guide. Klick here to download.

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RollerBone: Board
RollerBone: Roller

The SoftPad is particularly suitable as a complement to the RollerBone 1.0 Board and the role for the more ambitious riders among you.

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