Boards with Bricks

Rollerbone boards with bricks

Rollerbone balance boards with bricks!

RollerBone Bricks enable the simplest kind of training in balancing, can be used in a variety of ways for every balance board, ideally suited for professional balance and equilibrium exercises in your own four walls. In this area you get Roller Bone Balance Boards such as the 1.0, EVA, Fitbone, Shabby as well as Nane, Rizal Dragon or Refloxology Board in package deal offers with bricks.

Detailed information:
With the RollerBone Bricks there are no more limits! Thanks to their innovative design, the bricks enable a wide range of possible uses. They are suitable for every balance board and a wonderful addition to your balance exercises as well as your strength and endurance training. Made from pressed EVA, the bricks can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Bricks are the ideal addition to any balance board!
The RollerBone Bricks can be used for any balance board. They serve either individually or in pairs as a support and thus enable you to do various balance exercises as well as to train various muscle groups. By using them as a balance rocker, the bricks enable a slow training build-up and are therefore the perfect rehab training device!

Turn your balance board into a stepper!
Set up parallel to each other, the bricks have the perfect dimensions to turn every balance board into a stepper. Train your leg, hip, gluteal and upper body muscles like a pro at home. You can turn your four walls into a fitness center thanks to the many possible uses of the RollerBone Bricks.

Experience a completely new level of movement when balancing!
Use the RollerBone Bricks for various balance exercises. You can use the brick individually both lengthways and crossways for balancing. Add the second one and double your training possibilities. This freedom allows you to experience a completely new level of movement when balancing and you can also train a wide variety of muscle groups.

Use many advantages!
Numerous studies show that the repeated training of body balance has a preventive effect in relation to injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as sharpening and sensitizing the senses. So take advantage of the RollerBone Bricks and start your training today!

You can find tutorials and more information in the quick start guide. Klick here to download.