Rollerbone Reflexology EVA Massage Board

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Rollerbone Reflexology EVA Massage Board

Exercises with the Reflexology Board increase your balance and coordinate strength and coordination of muscles. Due to the instability, numerous muscle groups as well as the deep muscles are required.

The body with its organs is reflected on our feet. Stimulation of the foot reflex zones improves blood circulation and stimulates self-healing powers. With regular use, pain can be relieved and a holistic well-being can be strengthened.

In combination with equilibrium exercises, you beat 2 flies with one stone.

Use of the Reflexology Board alone:

-Put the board on a carpet, gym mat or RollerBone Carpet so it doesn't slip.

-Start the workout with changing appearance about 5 minutes / day. This can be done .B even during brushing or watching TV. The soft bumps optimally promote balance, coordination and foot reflexes.

-One-legged balance exercises especially strengthen the leg muscles.

-Even under the desk it is ideal for a soothing and concentration-promoting foot reflexology

Use of the Reflexology Board with softpad or roll

-All exercises listed in our RollerBone training booklet can of course also be performed with the Reflexology Board. The Reflexology Board increases the difficulty level and goes even more into the deep muscles.

Look forward to soothing foot reflexology that stimulates the whole body, can promote health and bring more balance to your life!